ts jurisdiction™ is a legal research platform that compresses hours of data privacy research into minutes. It saves time and augments legal teams with data privacy expertise that impacts corporate, contract, & criminal law.

For Law Firms

• Attract new clients by strengthening your firm’s offering in cybersecurity.

• Improves client retention by lessening the need to refer clients — that may not return

• Provides the foundational expertise needed to establish a cybersecurity / data privacy practice area

ts jurisdiction drastically reduces basic research effort in complex situations, which allows me to spend more time on high value matters.”
– Doug DePeppe, Esq. eosedgeLegal  /  Experienced Counsel for Data Privacy & National Security

For In-House Legal Teams

• Quickly understand how Contract Law, Negligence, Trespass, and other bodies of law converge to create hidden liability

• Effectively communicate to the C-suite and board the legal ramifications of statutes, contracts and strategic decisions that impact stakeholders

• Strengthen knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity—an increasingly critical issue for organizations of all sizes—and facilitate your team’s supply chain risk management efforts

• High quality and continuously updated

• Cost effective and easy to use

• 375 (and counting) state and federal statutes that pertain to cybersecurity / data privacy

• Aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity

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