Rob is a serial entrepreneur, cyber risk management expert, Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control™ (CRISC), author of Cybersecurity: A Business Solution, and has testified before Congress on the subject of cybersecurity.



  • ICT Supply Chain Task Force – DHS/CISA
  • The IT Sector Coordinating Council (IT-SCC)
  • The Triad Cyber Round Table (Founding Member)
  • IT Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC)
  • Business Executives for National Security (BENS)
    • Resilience Council
    • Technology & Innovation Council
  • The Society of the Cincinnati
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
    • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control™ (CRISC)
  • Advisor to UNC-Greensboro’s Information Systems and Supply Chain Management program
  • UNC-Wilmington’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board (NSA-CAE)
  • iTEC Cybersecurity Advisory Board: Forsyth Technical Community College (NSA-CAE & Regional Resource Center)
  • National Small Business Association (NSBA)
    • Leadership Council
    • Small Business Technology Council

See the News page for interviews and engagements with industry leaders including:

  • The United States Congress
  • The Department of Homeland Security
    • National Risk Management Center
    • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • The National Institute for Standards and Technology
  • The Wall Street Journal


Rob’s passion for computers and technology initially took root in his formative years, on computers that predated the IBM PC. Like many a modern teenage boy in the early 1980s, much of his initial technical prowess emerged from playing computer games. While he couldn’t afford the luxury of many game purchases, Rob turned the apparent obstacle to his advantage by writing and designing games of his own. These early forays into the world of computing lit a passion that would ultimately define his career.

Rob’s first experience with cybersecurity occurred when a college project coincided with the dawn of the commercial internet. While helping a professor manage a small fleet of computers, he discovered a flaw that made password attacks way too easy for remote hackers. Changing the default installation for the software solved the issue and that success became Rob’s first meaningful contribution to the safety of the systems and programs that underpin our modern world-wide web.

In the two decades following his undergraduate days, Rob provided IT consulting for a variety of firms ranging in size from members of the Fortune 500 to local mom-and-pop shops. Then, in 2010, he returned to graduate school with the aim of combining his real-world experience with an academic view of the cybersecurity landscape.

Since his 2015 founding of Threat Sketch, LLC, Rob has continued to add to his well-earned reputation as a renowned expert on cyber risk issues affecting small- and medium-sized businesses, government entities and non-profits. In addition to serving as the firm’s CEO, he makes numerous appearances at conferences and roundtables around the world, addressing the many threats posed by cyber insecurities and offering solutions aimed at preventing, discovering, and repairing malevolent cyber attacks.

Rob has appeared before U.S. House Of Representative committees, having most recently testified before the House Small Business Committee’s hearing on improving cybersecurity infrastructure in both the private and public sectors. He has also spoken at Wall Street Journal and NIST-sponsored conferences and is:

  • An Executive member of Homeland Security’s ICT Supply Chain Task Force
  • An active member of the IT Sector Coordinating Council
  • A member of two Business Executives for National Security councils
  • An advisory board member of two cybersecurity academic programs