A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment is like doing taxes with off-the-shelf tax software, instead of using a fleet of CPAs and tax attorneys.


Large companies assemble teams of experts to do their taxes. They also hire expensive, big-name firms to supply experts in finance, statistics, IT, and cyber security to develop and maintain sophisticated cyber risk management tools.  At Threat Sketch, we recognized that much of the necessary expertise, research, infrastructure, and data could and should all be shared among many smaller organizations.  By sharing the foundation we have placed a critical risk management tool within reach of even the smallest organizations.

Prioritizing and allocating precious resources is the first step toward aligning your organization’s strategy and the management of its cyber risk. By fully leveraging a shared-foundation we can deliver a free, basic risk assessment that lets a top executive or business owner supply the one thing we cannot: strategic knowledge of the company’s intangible assets.  We do all the heavy lifting, so that a short, 20 minute survey is all it takes for an executive to impart their strategic knowledge to us.

The next step is evaluating overall preparedness.  Adding a loss analysis allows you to examine the organization’s readiness to weather a cyber storm.  With it, executives can see how investments in legal, insurance, and financial services reduce overall risk. Our premium assessment involves a financial analysis like the free version, as well as deeper math, more granular data, and iterative simulations. It also allows the organization’s own cyber security experts to influence the equations.  It strikes the right balance between the cost of individualized research and the granularity of the analytical results.


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A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment is a bridge between strategic planning and technology operations that balances limited resources against the need for organization security. It allows executives to prioritize, budget and actively manage cyber security risk across the organization at a strategic level.

Not ready to start the risk assessment? Visit our education center and our FAQ page to learn about why your company needs a Threat Sketch Risk Assessment.