The fastest way to put cybersecurity into a strategic business context.


As a small or medium sized business, you need the broadest protection from every dollar spent on cybersecurity. A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment provides executives with a balanced strategy that budgets and prioritizes cybersecurity spending.

Our Threat Sketch Risk Assessment bridges the gap between strategic planning and technology operations. It combines a short, executive-level survey with cybercrime statistics to create an individual risk profile. From the analysis, we provide an actionable report that serves five critical executive management functions:

Focus. Empowers small business executives with knowledge about the cybersecurity risks facing their company and which threats to address first.
Communication. Facilitates communication of the cybersecurity needs of the organization to a diverse team of experts from multiple disciplines.
Context. Aligns business-level objectives with the cyber risk landscape through prioritization of security initiatives and budget allocation.
Guidance. Equips executives with an early warning system to detect when risk management initiatives are off track.
Performance Management. Provides milestones against which executives can track progress and measure success.


Budgets & Priorities

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Intangible Assets (only)

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Budgeting, Priorities, Action Plan, and more

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Physical/Financial Assets

Project Losses

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Prevention + Preparedness

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Capture IT Expertise

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Multiple Divisions/Industries

Additional executive benefits include:

Engagement – Tangible proof that the executive team is addressing cybersecurity
Strategic Alignment – Cybersecurity efforts match strategic business objectives
Justification – Clear understanding of the value proposition for risk reduction efforts
Priorities – Objectively determine which areas of risk are the most urgent to resolve
Budget Allocation – Distribute limited time and resources across all areas of risk

Not ready to start the risk assessment? Visit our education center and our FAQ page to learn about why your company needs a Threat Sketch Risk Assessment.

If you are part of a Nonprofit Organization we have a Cyber Risk Tool Kit just for you- check it out here.