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Before we dive into anything related to technology or cyber security, we need to know more about the way you business operates and what it most important to your strategy. The next several questions are about your company’s  strategic focus across three major areas of operation, which collectively describe the highest echelons of a company’s unique strategic fingerprint.

  • Customer Relations: Sales, marketing and customer service
  • Product Innovation: Creating and improving products, features, or mixture of products sold (product is used in the most generic sense to include services)
  • Infrastructure: Production of product, minimization of costs, and gaining economies of scale

These three areas of operation are like three distinct businesses operating within a single organization and they all “compete” for the company’s resources. They may also be recognized by the culture that typically surrounds them:

  • Customer Relations: Service oriented, customer-first mentality
  • Product Innovation: Employee oriented valuing creativity, education, and internal collaboration
  • Infrastructure: Efficiency oriented, with focus on standardization, predictability, and lowering costs

Your business does all three (Customer Relations, Product Innovation, and Infrastructure), but put them in order of strategic importance. The one that most differentiates you from your competitors goes in the first position.


Relational Capital

Next, we need to understand how external relationships and your organization’s image impact each area of your business. Consider the following relationship factors that are important to each aspect of your business (Customer Relations, Product Innovation, and Infrastructure):

  • Brand image and public reputation
  • Strong client collaboration and communication
  • Strong supplier/vendor collaboration and communication

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