The high number of sites that are password protected coupled with suggested best practices for password strength makes it incredibly difficult to store all your passwords in your memory. People will often try to make things easy by picking one password and using it for multiple sites, or writing down passwords. Both of those options make you more vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Did you know there’s a tool to help you with passwords? Password managers are cybersecurity tools that can create challenging passwords for the sites you visit regularly and then store them for you so you don’t have to remember “jYHGJ716!pok*bn@1483mdgh”. You will have to remember a master passphrase, and we recommend a passphrase rather than a password, but you only have to remember one. You can do that!

Password managers are becoming more mainstream. They make it easier to have passwords that actually protect you and your personal information. Bottom line, if you are not using a password manager, you should be.

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