What Every Attorney Needs to Know About the Proposal to “Strengthen [the] North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act”:  

A Threat Sketch Special Report

Regulations around cybersecurity will continue to increase in number and strengthen in severity as cyber criminals find more ways to steal private information.  Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, local governments, and other entities should be aware of existing and upcoming data privacy laws and regulations – but attorneys maintain an especially sensitive need-to-know in this regard.

Cybersecurity is a key competency for attorneys in advising their clients and protecting themselves and their practices.

Stay in the know!

Threat Sketch recognizes that understanding data privacy regulations is essential in cyber risk management and that attorneys are key players in successful mitigation strategies.

Our in-house counsel compiled this special report to help you understand North Carolina’s new data law proposal.  

Download the report to learn:

  •     Details about the current data breach proposal
  •     Information about previous data breach legislative attempts
  •     How North Carolina’s data privacy efforts compare to national trends
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