The Threat Sketch team of experts is made up of professionals with decades of experience in information technology, cyber security, economics, and financial risk analysis.  

Together, we work to solve the problems business owners and executives face when trying to wrap their heads around cyber security.

When it comes to assessing cyber security threats and understanding how to be prepared and protected, there are many different considerations. We work with reams of research, millions of specific data points, and many different algorithms. We use our knowledge and experience to analyze the situation for your specific company and come up with a plan — one that is easy to understand. We call it the Threat Sketch Risk Assessment.

A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment begins with a business-level survey that collects information about your company and its intangible asset structure.  We then add information about your company’s industry and the current state of cyber security. Then we use our extensive data repository to build a unique risk profile for the company.

From our analysis we can estimate the likelihood of a cyber attack and determine which types of attack are most likely for your business.  We categorically examine each scenario, which could be a single, large attack or a set of concurrent attacks, and model the potential damage. These damage scenarios range from a successfully deflected attack to minor setbacks or devastating information leaks that undercut a company’s ability to operate.  For each damage scenario we consider the various costs your company might incur beyond the immediate lost, stolen, or damaged data. These additional costs can include items such as data cleanup and restoration, damage to the brand image, exposure to class action lawsuits, fines, and notification costs. If left unchecked, these costs can become substantial and threaten the going-concern of a company. The output from the Threat Sketch Risk Assessment provides guidance on IT budgeting and risk management.

A customized Threat Sketch Risk Assessment offers a much-needed bridge between boardroom strategic planning and the tactical specialists that operate on the front lines to keep the organization secure.  

It establishes a logical framework for prioritizing your IT budget and actively managing cyber security risk across your company.