Cybersecurity means cyber risk management.

Cybersecurity is about more than ensuring secure passwords and creating firewalls. It also includes knowing what to do in case of attack and planning for the security measures and public relations aspects that will come into play after an attack. The Department of Homeland Security has realized this shift of focus, and in order to help the nation and its businesses be prepared the organization is working with the IT Sector Coordinating Council and the IT Government Coordinating Council to examine the future of cybersecurity.

That future is a shift of focus, including the engagement of executives in the problem of managing cyber risk. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem. It is an issue that everyone needs to be aware of and prepared for.

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Summary: Cybersecurity traditionally has had an almost exclusive focus on prevention, but the working groups involved with the Department of Homeland Security sees more in the future.  Looking forward, the group sees executive teams focusing on resiliency. Preventing cyber attacks, which is largely an IT function, remains part of the puzzle, but the focus broadens to include mitigations that come into play when the best prevention efforts fail to thwart attackers. In the case of the private sector, managing the big picture of risk is driven by profit motives. Learning what to prioritize and how to budget is all included in the overall plan of cybersecurity.