Cybersecurity is important for all businesses.

You hear the terms cybersecurity and cyber attacks more and more lately, and reports of hackers getting access to a company’s information or customers’ private information seems to be making news on almost a daily basis. What have you done to protect your company?

If you’re like most small businesses, especially businesses that aren’t dealing in the technology sector, you might think cybersecurity isn’t that important. You think attacks like that can’t happen to your company, because you’re not that big for one thing, and you don’t even deal with technology or security-related products. Think again. These days, any company is vulnerable to an attack.

A real world example.

Take, for example, the case of General Linens Service, Inc., which was reported in Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report. This company, which provides a linen service to the hospitality industry, with only one location, was the target of a deliberate cyber attack by a competitor. The attack was conducted by people at a company named General Linens Service, LLC. The attackers realized the names of the companies were similar, and by using this information and figuring out the competitor’s password, the LLC was able to access the data of the Inc. 157 times, giving them information from invoices and the ability to steal customers.

General Linens Services, Inc., was a small company, having nothing to do with the cyber industry, yet for two years they were under attack by a competitor hiding within their network. If something like this could happen to General Linens Service, Inc., it could happen to you. That’s why cybersecurity is important, no matter what size your business is or what products or services you provide.

How can Threat Sketch help.

At Threat Sketch, we realize just how important cybersecurity is for small businesses. You have worked hard to build a strong, profitable company, but without proper risk management, you could unknowingly be vulnerable to many threats. That’s why we have created a risk assessment to help you uncover your threats and prepare for the possibility of attack. The Threat Sketch Risk Assessment helps set priorities as far as types of attacks, from card skimming to website attacks and malware and crimeware attacks. Once priorities are determined, the Threat Sketch Risk Assessment provides guidance for setting a budget for cybersecurity, allowing you to properly distribute funds between cybersecurity services for different types of attacks, as well as investing properly in insurance and financial services.

A cybersecurity plan is as important for today’s businesses as providing great customer service or hiring a knowledgeable accountant. Make sure you are prepared. Take our survey today, and see what we can do for you.

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This blog article was written by our guest author Karen Alley. Karen is a freelance writer and editor and has worked for over 10 years writing web content and blogs for various businesses.