Cybersecurity A Business Perspective

By: Rob Arnold 
Founder of Threat Sketch

Experts agree and studies show that executive involvement is critical to managing cyber risk. But what exactly does that look like to the owners, board members and top managers of resource constrained small and medium businesses? This guide strips away the technical aspects and illustrates how to manage the business aspects of cybersecurity.

This Step-By-Step Guide Offers:

  • A business perspective without the technical jargon.
  • A step-by-step guide for addressing cyber risk.
  • A way to align cyber spending with business objectives.

ISBN-10: 069294415X
Library of Congress Control Number: 2017913744
Dimensions: 6″ x 9″ Page Count: 100

About This Book

As a business leader, you might think you have cybersecurity under control because you have a great IT team. But managing cyber risk requires more than firewalls and good passwords. Cash flow, insurance, relationships, and legal affairs for an organization all play major roles in managing cyber risk. Treating cybersecurity as “just an IT problem” leaves an organization exposed and unprepared. Therefore, executives must take charge of the big picture.

Cybersecurity: A Business Solution is a concise guide to managing cybersecurity from a business perspective, written specifically for the leaders of small and medium businesses. In this book you will find a step-by-step approach to managing the financial impact of cybersecurity. The strategy provides the knowledge you need to steer technical experts toward solutions that fit your organization’s business mission. The book also covers common pitfalls that lead to a false sense of security. And, to help offset the cost of higher security, it explains how you can leverage investments in cybersecurity to capture market share and realize more profits.


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