We are experts in Cyber Risk Management for small and medium businesses.

We believe that cyber security is a business problem and a technology problem.

Our mission is to help executives of small companies evaluate and manage the business of cybersecurity at a strategic level, just like their big company counterparts.

We provide tools and knowledge to make better decisions about managing cyber risk.


Founder & CEO
Our IT & business expert.

Chief Risk Officer
Our risk & business expert.


Customer Journey Manager
Our client advocate and product manager.

We have grown so fast that we can’t keep our site up to date.  Here is a picture of about half of the current team.

We have great organizations and astounding leaders behind us, pushing us, making us better. We can never pay them back, but we will pay it forward.

Flywheel, and all the community advisors – For incubating us, mentoring us, and so much more.

The Startup Factory – For the absolute best “Lean Startup” bootcamp.

Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) – For relentless business guidance & mentorship.

Wake Forest, Elon, and UNC Chapel Hill – For lending us their student legal teams.

UNC Greensboro – For lending us a team of MBA’s to validate our business model.

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter – For a wicked cool building & campus we call home.

The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship – For connecting our founders.

Countless Advisors, Mentors, Family, Friends – You know who you are, and we cannot thank you enough for your support.

We also work with some incredible organizations to exchange knowledge, information, ideas, data, and advocacy.

The Department of Homeland Security
We exchange data, intelligence, and help reduce risk across critical infrastructure.

The National Institute of Science  and Technology
We provide collateral resources for the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

The IT Sector Coordinating Council
Coordination with multiple federal agencies and advocate for small businesses.

We interface with the FBI, too.

IT Information Sharing and Analysis Center 
Cyber intelligence, briefings, alerts and collaboration.

The Society of Information Risk Analysts
We exchange ideas with industry leaders.

Industry collaboration and certification.

Business Executives for National Security
We work with other industry executives to address the national security community’s most pressing challenges.

A global cybersecurity education and awareness campaign.

NIHS: National Institute for Hometown Security
Partners in developing risk management tools for the nonprofit sector.

We also testified to Congress on behalf of small businesses to promote the exchange of cyber incident and intelligence information.