Threat Sketch offers data, analytics, and tools to reduce human costs related to cyber risk management. For instance, our risk reduction database, ts mitigation™, can instantly generate a risk-optimized cybersecurity plan based on an organization’s risk profile.

Individually, our tools augment the knowledge and capacity of professionals who work in cybersecurity. For example, our cyber law database (ts jurisdiction™) can reduce ten hours of legal research to five minutes, enabling legal teams focus on substance rather than basic research.

When used together, our data and analytics solves large, complex problems like optimizing the cyber spends for hundreds or thousands of organizations in a portfolio or a supply chain.  If you need a highly scalable solution for a complex cyber risk management problem, we can help.


Explore Our Capabilities

ts governance™

Non-technical guides to help leadership understand their role in managing cyber risk and navigating the threat landscape.

ts jurisdiction™

A legal database that reduces basic data privacy research by 90%, covering 375+ state and federal laws that define data liability.

ts mitigation™

A risk management database that creates custom action plans, in plan english, based on an organizations risk profile.

ts supply chain™

Match risk reduction needs to a vetted solution provider with this robust database of vendors and suppliers.