Threat Sketch

Business solutions
for cyber risk

For small business owners and executives who need the broadest protection from every dollar spent on cyber security. Our risk assessment helps you set budgets and priorities for cyber security spending across the entire business.

A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment is a bridge between strategic planning and technology operations that balances limited resources against the need for organization security. It allows executives to prioritize, budget and actively manage cyber security risk across the organization at a strategic level.

• Clear priorities and rational budgets—set in your language, delivered in theirs.
• The guidance for your IT/Security team to secure what matters.

What’s your perspective … ?

Better Budgeting

Cyber security losses can be enormous, and the budgets needed to keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape can become quite large.  However, when the solution provider is also the one determining the losses and setting the budget, it is natural for the executive team to be wary.  A much better solution is for the executive team to evaluate loss scenarios and define top-line budgets based on the organization’s business strategy.  Doing so provides executives with a much needed frame of reference for understanding what is at stake, deciding how much is enough, and shifting top-line budgeting away from those presenting the solutions.

Better Communication

Effective cyber risk management begins with the extraction and articulation of both perspectives in a common language.  While there are numerous vulnerability assessment tools available to capture and codify the technical perspective, there are very few tools available to the executive team that effectively capture and distill the executive’s strategic perspective.  

For instance, where the IT team is concerned with the vulnerability of the email system, executives concerns themselves with employee productivity and collaboration.  These perspectives are different faces of the same coin, and balancing the viewpoints is achieved with better communication. 

Threat Sketch was specifically developed to help executives derive cyber security priorities and provide budget guidance for the organization’s business strategy.  This allows executives to self-justify, realize strategic benefit, address internal organizational pressures, and contribute self-efficacy,  all to correctly allocate the organization’s precious resources and protect the business and the brand.

Better Decsions

Business executives usually concentrate on strategic elements of the organization, things like gaining a competitive edge and maintaining a good reputation. Ultimately, executives translate these goals into the deployment of limited capital resources and capital including , employees and financial and internal processes.  But there is much more involved in running a successful business, and cyber security is an important factor. In addition to maintaining a competitive edge and a good reputation, executives need to look at cyber security when making decisions about allocation of funds.

Share Responsibility

IT vendors and staff that are not part of the executive team often feel like they have been charged with securing a large complex of warehouses without being informed of the full value of the contents. It becomes even more frustrating knowing that if something is stolen from these warehouses, the entire weight of failure rests on their shoulders.  When presented this obscure puzzle loaded with dire responsibility, it is little wonder that IT professionals focus on securing the weakest warehouses rather than securing the most valuable contents.  

Get Guidance

This is where a Threat Sketch assessment can be beneficial. It helps present cyber security in broader, laymen’s terms to business executives. Then once they know, for example, that cyber espionage is the organization’s top concern they can present that intel to IT professionals, which is much  more useful than a suggestion that an organization’s file server is more important than the email server. The former leaves the door open for holistic solutions where IT and executives can collaborate.

Justify Budget

Cyber security losses can be enormous, and the budgets needed to keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape can become quite large.  IT professionals frequently find themselves in the position of trying to explain the need for good security measures while justifying the expense of the solutions.  To wary executives with an eye on the bottom line, promoting cyber security looks like just another way for staff or a vendor to grab for an  ever increasing share of a shrinking pie.  

A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment helps shift top-line budgeting away from those presenting the solutions.  It allows executives to decide how much is enough, while leaving enough room for the technical team to present best-in-class solutions, a win for everyone.