Know the cyber landscape

Spend less time researching and analyzing and more time building better risk management strategies.

Educate your audience

Give your audience cybersecurity information in a way that they can understand and buy into.

Build your brand

Leverage proven thought leadership to establish yourself and your business in cybersecurity.

Co-Branding Solutions

You know how important cybersecurity is. You know how your solution set can help your audience by keeping their assets safe and protecting their business.

But they need to know it, too.

Threat Sketch provides a suite of education and marketing tools to help you communicate with potential and current clients. These tools neutralize the knowledge gap and communications barrier between your technology-speak and your customers’ business acumen.

Cybersecurity professionals use our tools to increase security sales with existing customer and generate qualified and enthusiastic leads that convert into clients

ts governance™ is a set of cybersecurity guides designed to help organization leaders understand and manage cyber risk within their unique sector.

Cybersecurity: A Business Solution™ is a concise guide to managing cybersecurity from a business perspective, written specifically for the leaders of small and medium businesses.

Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Cybersecurity professionals spend 74% of their time understanding the risk landscape and assessing security standards.

Threat Sketch has created tools to help you better understand the risk landscape; assess security standards, laws and compliance regulations; and develop a qualified team of suppliers to support your cybersecurity plan in less time. Using our cyber risk management solutions means you have more time to actually put your cybersecurity plans in action. [/vc_column_text]

ts mitigation™ is a risk management control dataset that includes a trove of detailed risk mitigation data. It enables customized risk management planning and strategic risk analysis and empowers risk management professionals and solution providers to create holistic risk management strategies based on an organization’s specific risk profile.

ts jurisdiction™ is a legal database that broadly and deeply analyzes client cybersecurity and data privacy legal risks. It helps attorneys, cybersecurity professionals, and insurance entities determine comprehensive cyber risk liability for their customers.

ts supply chain™ is a robust database of vendors and suppliers vetted to ensure set cybersecurity hygiene. It helps companies quickly and easily find third-party vendors that meet cybersecurity standards.


Need some free stuff to get you started?

We offer free tools and resources for small businesses looking to learn more about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. If you are a provider of cybersecurity solutions, and would like to co-brand any of the free resources, please pop over to the Contact Us page and let us know.